For the Love of Things V&A

Current Exhibition

For the Love of Things

14 June - 28 September 2019
Open Fridays and Saturdays, 12pm - 6pm Free entry

We fill our lives with things; things we buy, things we make and things we are given. Sometimes these things fulfil practical, everyday needs, other times they are decorative or hold sentimental value. How do we decide what to keep, treasure and collect?

In 1852, the Victoria and Albert Museum was founded as the world’s first museum of art and design. Its collection brings together over two million things from all over the world, from ancient hand-crafted ceramics to mass produced household products to pop culture paraphernalia. In 2023 the V&A will open a new collection centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Open to all, visitors will be able to go behind-the-scenes to explore this creative storehouse and discover how and why objects are collected, cared for, researched and displayed.

For the Love of Things celebrates collecting as an innate human endeavour. Share your treasured things and help transform the Lansbury Micro Museum into a storehouse of personal collections.

Organised by the V&A, with installation design by Plattformer and graphic design by Fraser Muggeridge studio.

What do you collect?

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